A Celebration of Excitement, Fun,
and Heartfelt Connections!

Join Us on May 16 & 17th, 2024
in the Dazzling City of
Las Vegas, Nevada!

Experience the Thrill of
Genuine Connections and
Soulful Celebrations

Get ready to dive into an exhilarating two-day adventure with the most passionate and inspiring individuals from around the globe. Ignite Gatherama isn’t just an event; it’s a festival of hearts and minds, where every interaction is charged with excitement and the joy of connection. Imagine a place where every smile, hug, and handshake isn’t just an exchange but a celebration of shared desires and dreams.

A Community Reunion

The Ultimate Celebration of Friendships and Successes

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for—a chance to reunite with cherished friends and make new ones in an atmosphere brimming with laughter and joy. Imagine a grand gathering where the bonds of friendship are celebrated and new connections are forged in the most fun-filled and heartwarming ways. We’re not just coming together; we're creating an extravaganza of joy and celebration.

A Carnival of Activities

Dance, Create, Laugh, and Learn!

Step into a world where every activity is an explosion of fun—dance like nobody’s watching, drum to the rhythm of your heart, laugh till your sides hurt, and immerse yourself in a sea of interactive, hands-on experiences. Every masterclass and every workshop is a door to a new world of excitement and discovery.

It’s not just learning; it’s an adventure

in joy and personal activation.

An Interactive Playground
of Growth and Discovery

At Gatherama, we transform learning into a thrilling ride. Each session is a dynamic mix of movement, interaction, and fun—an environment where you’re not just a listener but a performer, a creator, a mover, and a shaker. Get ready to be a part of something that’s more than just educational— it’s electrically engaging and wildly entertaining.

A Spectacular Showcase of Masterclasses

Choose your adventure from a treasure trove of masterclasses.
Each one is a unique journey into learning and laughter, designed to awaken your spirit and ignite your passion.
Whether exploring new skills, diving into creative pursuits, or dancing your heart out, every class is a passport to an unforgettable experience.

A Night of Stars

Gala of Glitz, Glamour, and Glory

The Friday night Gala is not just an awards ceremony; it’s a spectacle of splendor and celebration. Join us as we honor the extraordinary journeys of our community members. It’s a night of recognition, but also a grand party under the Las Vegas stars—with music, dancing, and an atmosphere of sheer joy.

See your fellow authors honored in a magnificent way.

Unleash the Fun

A Festival of Laughter, Dance, and Unforgettable Memories

Imagine a night where the air is thick with excitement—comedy that tickles your funny bone, music that gets your feet tapping, and a dance floor that calls out to your soul. Snap photos at our dazzling photo wall, glide down the Red Carpet, and join in a symphony of laughter and celebration. It’s not just an event; it’s a carnival of fun and friendship. Don’t just mark your calendar—leap into an experience that promises to be the highlight of your year.

Ignite Gatherama is calling you to be part of a spectacular celebration that’s all about fun, excitement, and heartfelt connections!

Cirque du Soleil:
Unleashing the Extraordinary

Experience the magic of storytelling like never before. Cirque du Soleil weaves together narratives that transcend language, drawing audiences into captivating worlds where dreams come to life. Through a mesmerizing tapestry of music, dance, acrobatics, and visual effects, each performance unfolds as a breathtaking journey of discovery.

Ignite Gatherama Ticket Pricing

Payment Plans Available

If you are looking to connect with the most heart-centered people on the planet and you want to grow yourself personally and professionally, immerse yourself in this phenomenal 2-day event to learn from some of the most prolific, upcoming thought leaders in the industry. Gain valuable tools, strategies, and techniques that will ignite your life and catapult your impact on the world. Attend the evening's Gala event to be recognized or to recognize those in the ignite community who have personified the ignite core values.  Every attendee receives a unique profile on the event app to connect and share.

  • Invite-only access to meet your fellow authors at one of Las Vegas’s premier nightclubs at the wow-your-socks-off Wednesday night author mixer

  • 2 full days of experiential learning - Thursday and Friday 

  • Unlimited Access to all masterclasses over the two days to immerse yourself in interactive learning and life-changing opportunities

  • Delicious complimentary Lunch is included on Thursday and Friday to enjoy at the venue

  • Ignite Swag Bag filled with luxury gifts and priceless items

  • Premier Access to all networking sessions with speakers and special guests to make life-long connections

  • Take home tips, tools, and strategies that will Ignite your life and improve your professional life 

  • Additional gifts and free merchandise supplied by our partner sponsors 

  • Digital Recordings of the top 25 Masterclasses and trainings with 12 full months of access

  • Access to our Event App to meet all the speakers and update on all the event happenings

  • Enjoy a life-changing experience in the phenomenal Art Houz Theater

  • Over $2,000 worth of FREE GIFTS and services by our Presenters for you to use after the event 

  • 1 Ticket to the awards Gala - Friday Evening 

  • Network and forge valuable connections at the evening's gala event. 

  • Walk the red carpet walk and photo wall to share on social media and keep for a lifetime of memories

  • Culinary experience and Gourmet Dinner at the Gala filled with food that only happens in Las Vegas

  • Afterparty access to the dance and music by a renowned international  DJ 

  • Unforgettable experiences and heartfelt connections with the most amazing community on the planet

  • The price of the ticket goes toward the full tuition of an Ignite Empowerment book = $690 Ignite credit. 

Price: $690.00 USD

Elevate your experience by being one of our featured presenters. Build your client repertoire and make a lasting impression by dazzling your audience from the stage. Share highlights about your business, products, and services while enhancing your speaking abilities. Learn how to be a global speaker in front of a global audience in a six-week training program prepping you for more international events. Maximize your ROI by featuring your offer both onstage, through our community sharing, using the event marketing, and our event app. If you want to uplevel your ability to convey a powerful message, this event is the place to do it.

  • Everything that is included in the “Attend” package PLUS you get to be a speaker at the event.


  • A 45-minute Keynote presentation in one of our state-of-the-art theater rooms for you to dazzle the audience with your business offer

  • VIP Green room access to meet with your fans after your presentation to solidify even deeper connections and offer your services

  • Exciting Marketing opportunity to include your company material in the event Swag Bag and reach each attendee with a free offer from you (value $2500)

  • Access to the ‘Presenters Glam Squad’ where makeup artists can help you look fabulous and stunning for your presentation and event photos

  • Your very own Sizzle Teaser Video recording of you at the event for you to use on our website, social media, and in your branding material

  • Social Media blasts about you and your presentation on our Ignite social channels as soon as you register.

  • Professional Event Photo with our team photographer to capture your star power at the event and use in your marketing material 

  • Full Presenter Listing on our event app showcasing you and driving clients to your website and offerings, including a custom QR code. 

  • See yourself and your QR Code on the big screen during your presentation so audience members can access your website. 

  • AI Technology will feature you at the event and in all our marketing material during the entire two days

  • Listing on the Ignite Gatherama pre-event marketing material and event app to our Ignite community 

  • Six spectacular weeks of Speaker Training with Lady JB Owen to craft your presentation and learn techniques that make you a star on stage and dazzle the audience (begins March 7, 2024) 

Price: $1890.00 USD

If you can't attend in person.

we've got you covered!

Ideal for those unable to attend in person but wish to experience the essence

of Ignite Gatherama at home while pampering themselves

  • Digital Recordings of the top 25 Masterclasses and trainings with 12 full months of access for you to watch those classes that offer the most exclusive teachings and jammed-packed information that will change your life

  • Get into the spirit of Ignite from home with an Ignite T-Shirt sharing the many positive aspects of the Ignite philosophy 

  • Relax in the cozy comfort of igniting your life with an alluring and long-lasting Ignite Candle to set the tone for your transformation

  • Dive Deep into those Ignite Moments that will inspire you with at-your-finger-tip access to Digital copies of FOUR Ignite Books from the Ignite Marketplace  

  • VIP access to our Event App to meet all the speakers, direct links to their websites, and free offers  

  • Over $10,000 worth of FREE GIFTS and services by our presenters for you to use after the event 

Price: $199.00 USD

Ignite the life of
someone you love

We welcome all non-ignite authors to this event and encourage you to bring your friends and family so that they, too, can have the ignite moment experience and get to know the community on an intimate and personal level. We look forward to meeting the people that you hang with because birds of a feather flock together, and what a great way to share your ignite experience with someone you care about.

When someone new to the community buys a ticket to Ignite Gatherama, the cost of their ticket will be put toward the cost of the tuition for an Ignite book. 

Use this incredible opportunity to kick-start your Ignite journey and propel you into being part of one of our wonderful compilation books.

Book a Discovery Call

to Learn More about

being a Speaker

If you want to be a presenter at Ignite Gatherama but you’re not sure if you’re ready, book a strategy session with Lady JB Owen and find out how to prepare yourself and your brand for this global exposure. Discover how JB can help you prepare to step on stage and strategize with her on preparing your business offerings. JB loves to support authors and help them take the next step in their speaking career, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to become the speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

Nominate someone you care about
for an Ignite Recognition Award

Tell us who has made an impact on you and your life within our Ignite community, and nominate one of your fellow authors for one of our prestigious awards at the Gala event. Fill out the form below and tell us who has made a difference so that we can honor them with an Ignite Recognition Award at the Gatherama!

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