A Celebration of Excitement, Fun,
and Heartfelt Connections!

Join Us on May 16 & 17th, 2024
in the Dazzling City of
Las Vegas, Nevada!

Meet our lineup of Experts

A Premier Platform for Ignite Authors

JB Owen

Legacy Maker and
CEO Ignite Publishing

Brigitta Hoeferle

Grandmaster of NLP

Listen to Relate.
Not to Respond

Dame Doria Cordova

Speaker and Author

Creating An Economic Engine Around
Your Life Purpose

Dr Forbes Riley

Queen of the Perfect Pitch

Permission to Succeed;
My Secret Sauce!

Clinton Day

Master of Entrepreneurship

How to Start a Successful Business Using Lean
Startup and a Burning Desire.

Gina Trimarco

Chief Improviser

Catapult Your
Confidence Through
Improvised Intelligence

Anita Adrian &
Cheryl Viczko

Sacred Space Alchemists

Possessions Echo Stories: Revealing the Impact of Objects on Our Lives

Sharni Quinn

Wellness Expert

Health, Wealth & Happy Endings: How to Live an Orgasmic Life!

Randy Dyck

Life Adventure Coach,
Mentor, and Speaker


Eric & Jenette Longoria

Intuitive Breakthrough Coach / International Educator
& Word Surgeon / Author

Breaking Through Perfection: Navigating Personal Growth for Power Couple Connection

Kathy Strauss


Creativity is Your Superpower

Susan Snow

Author, Speaker, Resiliency Coach

The Other Side of the Gun:
My Journey from
Trauma to Resiliency

Kari Berridge

Fitness Coach

Empower and Embrace
Your Authentic Self

Chellie Phillips

Author and Writer

Empowerment Through V.A.L.U.E.: Elevating Workplace Culture and Personal Brands

Tracy Stone

The CEO Whisperer

Becoming the Leader

You Most Admire

Jeanne Zierhoffer

Strategic, Results-Driven N.L.P. Coach

Power Tools for
Your Business

Cheryl Rafter

Courageous Comeback Coach

Courageous Comeback:
The Keys to Unlocking
Your True Potential

Jeff Levine

Homeschool Consultant

Thinking Into Results

Melanie Summers

Homeschool Consultant

Live Outside the Line

Georgia Vanderville

Founder and COO Shorties Candles

Building Your Inner Candle

Alison Weihe &
Jabu Zwane

Entrepreneur and Coach

Belonging In A
Divided World

Nolan Pillay

Human Mindset Specialist

Be the BEST Version
of Yourself

Andrea Betschart

Business Mentor

Leading with Purpose: Turning Obligations into Leadership Superpowers

Leona Wallace

Creator, Teacher, Author
and Self Love Expert

Playfulness is key to your joy.

Blair Kaplan

Grief and Resilience Expert

Five Secrets To Strengthening Your Resilience Muscle

Leli Williams

Relationship and Business Coach

Ignite Your Life: Discovering Passion, Meaning,

and Purpose in Life

Jenni Walke

Business Coach

The Art of Conscious Leadership: Inspiring Change in Ourselves and the World

Katarina Amadora

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach

The Sacred Art of Flirtation

Marcin Ruman

CEO of Emersoft LLC

Redefining Online Engagement and Networking

Dr Willo Boniface

Self-Leadership Coach

The Modern Woman's Glow: A Potent Formula

Janie Jurkovich

Author and Spirit Medium

How a Spiritually-Starved Workaholic Learned to
Be a Spirit Medium

Engee Ibe


The Power of Choice: Crafting a Life of Meaning and Fulfillment

Barbie Layton

CEO Barbie Layton Quantum Enterprises LLC

How to Read the Signs and Synchronicities
of the Universe

Carol Daly

Women’s Empowerment Expert

Activate Your
Personal Power

El Pellegrino


Journey to Happiness

Joe Kavanagh

Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Beyond Ego: Cultivating Compassion in Sales

Andrea Merrill

Speaker Monetization Strategist

Monetizing your
Brand Speaker

Cindy Kavanagh

Entrepreneur and Coach

Awakening the Soul of Business: Nurturing Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace

Kate McKay


Confidence Unleashed!

Art Giser

Creator of Energetic NLP

Intention Isn't Enough: Aligning Your Spirit,
Soul, Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, & Body

Elijah Stepp

Founder and President of BizAvJets, Inc.

Abundant Prosperity Traits

Lydia Burchell

Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Inner Confidence Your Greatest Superpower

Sandra D Combe

Founder of Stop the Bypass
Author, Speaker & Global Influencer

Stop Bypassing Your
Happy Life!

Soodabeh Mokry

Author, Motivational Speaker,
RN & Certified Hypnotherapist

How the Beating of a Lifetime Led Me to Have
The Time of My Life

Craig Shah

Founder & CEO

EVOKE Phygital

Marketplace Opportunity

Christian Höferle

The Culture Guy

Connect Across Differences

Danya Yusep

Author and Executive Producer

Private Screening of
The Lighthouse Project

Natalie Spellman

The Greatness Activator

The Secret Link Between

Pain and Purpose

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

Psychology of Pricing: The Key to 7
Figures to Freedom

Sjeanne Cawdry

CEO of Center of Liberation

Love Your f*@king Power:
3 Keys to Amplify Impact, Wealth and Worth

Melinda & Don Boyer


Private Screening of
Beyond Limitations

Daniel Rechnitzer

Intuitive Coach

The Universe Answers
with Daniel

Kristen Connell

Founder of The Rewired Mind

Rewiring Your Mind: Unlocking Power & Purpose

Dr. Kimberly Wilson

Chief Trouble Maker and CEO

Ditch the Perfectionist Paradox: Ignite Your Purpose

Erik Swanson

Mr Awesome

Rock Your Awesomness!


Nicole Leigh Shewaga

Freedom Seeker, Perspective Shifter, Explorer of Consciousness

Connect with Your Body, Connect with Your Soul

Emily Thiroux Threatt

Author, Podcast Host, Facilitator

Discovering Your Inspiration

Elaine Thompson

Director - The Wellwishers Haven

When the Bottom Falls
Out of Your Life

Melody J Carberry

Author in Ignite Joy / Student in Life

Get to the Heart of It

Kelly-Ann Jenkins

Director of Inspiration

"I Quit!": How to Achieve Impossible Goals

Peter Giesin

Ignite CTO, Myth Maker & Master Storyteller

Riding in Tandem:

Redefining the Symbols
that Shape Our Limits

Ignite Gatherama is not just
an event; it’s a stepping stone

to your next level of influence and impact.

As an Ignite Author, take this opportunity to shine, share, and soar.

Join us and make your voice heard in the heart of Las Vegas!

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